The Kinisi Mission

Kinisi was founded to meld advances in sensor technology with orthopaedics. Our advanced comfortable wearable technology measures all aspects of joint health, in real-time, to assess, treat, and manage orthopaedic injuries optimally.

  • Real-time Joint Monitoring
  • Multiplanar Joint motion
  • Joint Deformation, Stress & Strain
  • Joint Instability
  • Comfortable flexible skin
  • AI based Health Science


Wearables meets Orthopaedics

Athletic Performance

Kinisi's comforatable wearable skin, the K1, monitors joint mechanics, and health.

  • Power, strength, joint stability, pivot stability, jump mechanics
  • Alerts for preinjury conditions
  • Monitors unusual sounds & strains

Athletes can train harder and prevent injuries with advanced data and measurables. This can detect fatigue, imbalance and instability early to prevent certain classes of injuries. Also reveal when improper gait and balance are contributing to uneven wear and tear on the joint.

Train Better

Trainers monitor which activities need to be measured and recommend strategies to strengthen client's joints and prevent slow degradtion.

  • Monitor multiple clients
  • Compare progress over time.
  • Create standardized reports for athletes, teams, and physicians
  • See deep into joint health to provide guided regimens

Physicians and Physical Therapists

Get objective joint health data, streaming in real-time, to monitor pre-surgury, post-surgury, and rehab processes. Match exertion levels with joint extention and fatigue metrics.

  • Ensure proper joint recovery after injury
  • Optimize healing metrics to avoid long term joint problems
  • Provide standardized metrics for healing time to return to work/play

Kinisi data provides medical grade data outside of the clinic streamed to the doctor's office.

Teams and Player Assessments

In addition to joint health, Kinisi data provides teams the ability to assess player metrics even when training or running outside of the arena. Kinisi also helps evaluate time to return from injury safely, and relative player performance.

  • Comparitive Metrics for Player peformance, such acceleration, speed, energy, and more
  • Fatigue and profile awareness, relative positioning, and dashboard metrics
  • New player assessment and evaluations
  • Data based time-to-return from injury support


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of Data does the Kinisi skin collect?

    The Kinisi K1 collects over 50 dimensions of health data on your knees, including all asepcts of motion and joint articulation. It also collects pops and clicks in the knee, bio information, and position.

  • The Kinisi K1 can (optionally) stream all data in real-time so it can be used in both clinical and athletic training situations.

  • Kinisi products make repeatable, accurate, joint measurements anywhere. This saves time for doctors and trainers but allowing them to see how you are progressing on your training schedule, rehab schedule, and catch early preinjury situations before they become serious.

  • We are currently an early stage company and have built the core technology but are in the process of trialing with athetes and physicians. Stay tuned for availability.


Team Kinisi

Kinisi was founded by practicing orthopedic surgeons and engineers with several decades of experience.


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